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Plants for hummingbirds | What is dreaming of hummingbirds?

Posted By: junmar

Last night in my dream I was in a room of a species replanting of a tree / plant. I tried to put the plant in a larger pot with good intentions and as he moved around the plant … Hummingbirds have begun to emerge from the potting soil that took the floor. As if asleep.

Before I knew it would be more than a dozen hummingbirds.

I know it was not ‘t be afraid. In fact, hummingbirds are so docile. Meanwhile, an egg and hit the ground and picked it up. I saw this hummingbird born in my hand and I remember to put the bird down and is so calm. I remember trying to find a hummingbird feeder, because I wanted them to have food. Long story short, when I opened the cage to try to move the birds around, most of them flew away. Suddenly, they were able to pass through the walls of the cage. At that time, I was only focused on the hummingbird that hatched in my hand. It was a beautiful green … After … sleep is a little confusing, but it seemed strange dream and hummingbirds. Does anyone have any idea what could it mean?

This could mean that something wonderful to be born. Or it could mean to marry and have a beautiful son. Orrrr could mean that you must give up something to get something perfect. This means that you have a good team.

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