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Hummingbirds | What causes the hummingbirds suddenly disappear?

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Hello I recently had about four come to eat along with my two feeds constantly the last two days, I ‘t seen anywhere. I have my two feeders filled with nectar to buy first nature hummingbird nectar sugar concentrated liquid Walmart I use 1 / 4 of them complete the rest in one cup of water. I tried to use water and sugar, but I have a lot of ants.

Be sure to mix the concentrate instructions that tell you.It sounds like you may be a mixture of weakness sugar.I heard that you should not ‘t is mixed with a strong or what is bad too. But mixed 50/50 and love and come back. He returned in the same place this year and looking for food that was not ‘t so far. So I know who lived during the winter after using the 50/50 blend. You may want to use the mixture of 25 percent as if you were using though.Oh every year, my hummingbird for some time, even when the honey is everywhere.Put suck a little vegetable oil on the top of the power to keep the ants away.

Hummingbirds are very vulnerable to chemicals used in gardens and can be poisoned.

In addition, things that are food is like feeding your children, but not sweet. I do not know if I would have killed him, but he certainly don ‘t do them any good to have their natural food, which is full of vitamins and antioxidants to be replaced by water with the sugar.

If you go to feed the animals, please read about it and feed them things that contain nutrients.

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