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Hummingbirds | nature curious Backyard Hummingbirds

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With a rainbow plumage iridescent could claim to be the most extravagant lovers of our summer. The “bling”, especially the brilliant men, is made of layers of melanin small plates outside their enclosure. The layers reflect light of different wavelengths, depending on thickness, air content and angle of view compared to the source of light. They are so incredible, the Aztec kings would have used fur coats made of the bird. Native Americans used eye on them, and after contact, the Europeans quickly took fashion as ornaments and decorations. A mid-19th century, the market requires hundreds of thousands of dead birds of South America. (Now their biggest threats come from habitat loss and climate change, including severe weather.)

The legend and folklore surrounding the bird, because of their smallness, their brilliant plumage acrobatic flying skills tremendously. Maya stories say that the bird is actually the sun in disguise, the court a beautiful woman, the moon. The small animal with a backbone, it makes them think it’s a cross between a bird and an insect. Most live about three years (the record is 12!) And the greatest metabolism of an animal noninsect with a heart rate of up to 1200 strokes per minute. They are active during the day and cool nights can enter a dormant state when the heart rate and breathing slow. They are also known to fight vigorously for sources of food or protect their young and were seen attacking the predators of the Blue Jays and Hawks, even!

Hummingbirds are prolific pollinators, and at least 150 flowering plants in North America are structured according to the birds. Many flowers are larger, with little or no odor, red or orange, with buds and distances. Color and low odor are less attractive to bees and other insects. With their long tongues, birds of nectar back to the deepest part of the flower, brushing with the stamens and pistils, the spread of pollen.

They communicate with the flight exhibitions, song and singing, especially when they are excited, and the males attract a woman with her posture. The buzz is created to beat their wings 50 times per second. Territorial companion on neutral ground with nest building and care of female youth in their field. If you have a nectar feeder in your garden, you may find fewer birds during the nesting season, because females tend to prefer the insect protein to raise their young. They have a good memory for food sources and returning to the flowers or the same feeders year after year.

If the birds are indeed courting the moon, or just to each other, their beauty and spirit can inspire a little love in all of us.

“Birds do it, bees do it,

Even educated fleas do so.

… It is nature that is

Tell us who fall in love. ”

– Cole Porter.

Gustowt Esmeralda is a volunteer to walk Mountains Nature Center, with experience in the rehabilitation of wild birds, and is delighted to be a migrant to the south.


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