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Hummingbird | When you’re supposed to stop feeding for the year?

Posted By: junmar

I heard that if you don ‘t stop the feeders in a number of years it interferes with their migration patterns. I heard that you should remove them from Labor Day. I wondered if this was true.

I take them until they don ‘t watch birds at feeders for a few days, usually in mid-September. I guess you’re not at that point.

I have heard that ducks and geese when they migrate, called eaters to be demolished as soon as you notice the birds out.

Depending on where you live. ca where they are throughout the year due to good weather conditions.

The freezing kills the hummingbirds, so the lead until the end of August to give enough time to leave the city before the cold weather … Labor Day September 3 is to make sense …..

In the mid to late September is when I have mine up or earlier if the weather cools before.

You don ‘want to come to your diet until it is too late to see the numbers to be slower south.When food, take it down until next spring.

They are beautiful birds and I am fascinated by them.Watch for hours and we hope that next spring.

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