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Hummingbird Migration | Baby Birds Discover the world premiere

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It is also interesting and entertaining to watch young people explore the world on their own. Almost any question they face is gathered, entered and pushed until it satisfies the curiosity of young birds.

Sometimes an observer can see a seemingly deep in thought when it encounters an object first.

I once saw a brunette girl Thrasher for several minutes, an investigation into a trap for birds. He jumped around the unit, thoroughly inspected inside and outside (including in food) before deciding seemed appropriate as a place to perch and survey what is happening in the world beyond.

Hummingbird tips

Is wood peewee found its way into the yard recently. This interesting little flycatcher is one of the areas of forest birds more natural, and as such is a rare visitor to the court.

I’m pretty happy last week to watch the first Ruby-throated Hummingbird of the young season on the edge here.

In the coming weeks, the number of hummingbirds in our area is growing, with a peak during the first two weeks of August, when the bulk of the migration of ruby-throated  through our region.

Many of our young men are beginning to take their territories in mid-July when they start their journey south to the ancestral wintering sites.

Remember to keep your feeders clean with a solution of sugar in four parts of water, without additives.

Red dye is a known carcinogen banned the use of food in other countries, and it is absolutely unnecessary to draw the least of our avian friends.

Research in the 1970s in the ruby-throated hummingbirds

clearly showed that the birds prefer power solutions on the red light, green, blue or yellow. All those who took the time to contact me, said: “I saw more activity in their feeders when they stopped using a solution of red and your feeders filled with sugar and tap water .


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