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Hummingbird | Hummingbirds: Nature’s Little Fighter Pilots

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outside my house is hate. At least I think so. They move so fast it’s hard to say.

Each zip around my yard, like the Road Runner in Looney Tunes, barely visible, except for a blur and some insects such as peep, which I suppose is their version of “beep beep” Road Runner ‘s.

all other are slower than lazy, glaciers and humor columnists, trying-to-come-with-a-third-slow-side comparison.

I “I have never seen cats in our neighborhood, even trying to catch a  … because “I’m sure the cats know that it would be something like this:

The only time that come even close to be visible when you are drinking sugar water feeders were launched.

Hummingbirds drink, in my expert opinion, an infinite number of gallons of sugar water every hour. And I have no idea where to put it.

After all, each the size of a golf ball. A golf ball little angry constantly trying to attack the golf balls of other little angry.

Which brings me to my starting point: They are always fighting each other with a hatred that reflects my hatred for real work.

Fight on the water sugar. Andhummingbirds love sugar water.

The sugar water is like …  like gold mixed with heroin tasty.

These cute birds once around each other like fighter planes in aerial combat intense World War II with the possession of the precious liquid.

Over time,  birds such duels (or dog birdfights) expected to last several hours trying, but in human time that the ‘0, 3 seconds.

We call a bird, a brown and green spots Feisty.

We call on Feisty, and that the courts “Crazy Little who hates all other hummingbirds and probably attack us if we didn ‘t keep the water flowing from sugar.”

We keep the water flowing from sugar, as we have no intention of becoming the focus of a prank war hummingbird.

According to ornithologists, “which is a Latin word meaning” scientific thinking on the birds during the time you would normally think that the television “,”

hummingbirds show their dominance and fighting among themselves for a reason whatsoever.

What is interesting is how to fight against the bird over the water jugs giant sugar, although they could not ‘t drink for themselves if they tried.

If you have the strength, we can say that ‘d take him back to their nests.

But compared to their size, sugar water is as big as an aircraft carrier.

This would end in disaster.

Colibri Women: Honey, I’m home. YI ‘I brought all the water of sugar that could be desired.

(Weight of nests containing crushed baseball size like an elephant crushes a mosquito.)

Female (pulled by giant wave of water with sugar): Auuuugh!

Colibri Women: The love sugar water.

There is a lesson in all this.

Aren ‘t all fighting for our own sugar water metaphorical? Attack those who stand between us and our possessions, our little gathering sharp peaks?

I know I am.

Now where does this “kick me” sign come from?

Give John Crandall does a dollar on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 13 hours, and is definitely for the birds.


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