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Hummingbird Food | Hummingbird Cold Snap In slow finish area

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Rockland, Idaho (AP) 'ranch is a slow spring hummingbird atCarl Rudeen's in Rockland.

The family began to feed the hummingbirds nearPocatello Rudeen at home over 25 years, and since 2003 "is a group of bird lovers on the farm once a year to catch small birds and countthe.

Carl Rudeen said Idaho State Journal, which this year countwas plane about 150 to 200 birds. This compares with the year 500counted and bands of the past the ranch.

The cold is likely to play a role. Rudeen said some ofThe hummingbirds were thicker than normal, showing that werestopping to build a good amount of fat in the body before migratingfurther north.

Information from: Idaho State Journal

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