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Humming Bird Pictures| How to get great pictures of Hummingbirds.

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Hummingbird Pictures are Everywhere.

You can finds hundreds or thousands of them .If you have a camera and you have seen these fantastic creatures, you want to take their pictures. But it takes some work and a little bit of luck to get a good shot of them. They are so fast, darting here and zooming there, never sitting still long enough to get a good picture.

Here are a few tips and ideas that will help you get some awesome hummingbird pictures of these dynamic living helicopters. You need to attract them by providing them with a food source. A place that they can refuel. Hummingbirds need to feed all day long.

You need to get some feeders and flowers that hummingbirds are attracted to.

You need to plan where the best place to set up your staging area. Where you can take great hummingbird pictures without disturbing them as they feed. Plan on getting several feeders, feeders that have a perch or one that does not. That way you can get pictures of them on a perch or hovering while they feed. The placement of these feeders will depend on where your camera will be. An idea is to have only one hole where they can get the nectar, that way you know where they will perch or hover.

Having potted plants around where hummingbirds can feed will give a natural look to your pictures.

Potted plants are also convenient because you can move them around to get better position to take pictures. Some photographers place different colored background made of cardboards or screens to bring out the brilliant colors of the hummingbirds. Again these can be mobile to set the stage for your photo shot. You may want to try and get a shaded area behind the feeder also works great as a good background.

Be sure to set your camera in sports mode and a fast enough shutter speed to get clear focused pictures. If you have a tripod you will be sure to get fantastic pictures. You need to monitor their feeding time, they feed most of the day but they can travel a long ways so they are making their rounds. Hopefully they can get all their food from your area that they will just stay put.

With a little patients and persistent you will have great pictures of your own hummingbirds. There are thousands of pictures of hummingbirds that you can buy from professional photographers but there is no better feeling when you have your own great pictures of hummingbirds that are framed and hung on your wall for friends to see and admire.

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