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Homemade Hummingbird Nectar | Question about hummingbird feeder? Please read?

Posted By: junmar

I just bought a saucer-shaped hummingbird feeding at Home Depot today. It looks like this Anyway, I put the nectar that already, (homemade), but it’s raining today. This means that rain will happen throughout the interior of the flowers? As the holes inside the plastic flowers that drink the nectar hummingbirds. Because then if the water s’ in the nectar, which is to replace a bowl? I just put it there and it started to rain …. So I feared that would make the watery nectar … Am I wrong? You can get water through the holes? I hope not! Well, thank you for helping, I appreciate it:) I’m new to nutrition in general.

Do not worry, the rain will not dilute the nectar of hummingbird. There is a scientific reason: the nectar with sugar dissolved have a higher density almost pure rainwater. As there is no way that the two iiquids to become well mixed, heavier nectar holes to prevent rainwater. If water does enter, it could dilute the nectar in a measurable chance amount.Good with your new feathered friends. He travels to SA to see them.

No water entering hummer feeders I have several styles differentt many have never had a problem.

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