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About Hummingbirds | How To Help Abandoned Baby Hummingbirds?

Posted By: junmar

There is a little hummingbird nest on my porch. I have been watching the eggs, and they hatched a week or so ago. There are two baby hummingbirds. The mother all of a sudden stopped coming to the nest, so I am worried about the babies. They now have orange beaks and look fluffy. Can I help them? Like foster them, or something?***I NEVER touched the eggs OR the nest***

You may just be missing her visits..she probably makes quick stops to feed and then takes off again. If she sees you she will not go to the nest. Watch from a hidden area and watch continually to check that she is still around. ONLY if you are positive she is not there..then you should get them to a local wildlife rehab.

Take them to an animal shelters. Unless you want to be up all day and night feeding them.

You should never go near or look at her babies….if u do then she wont come back to her nest….

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